All my friends have got boyfriends
All your friends have got girlfriends
We both complain
We have no-one

We could have each other
To kiss and cuddle
And do what other couples do, do do, do oooh

Oh We do have each other
To have a laugh with
But I’m still empty
I need a lover like you

So how about it?

Uh, uh, uh, uh….

We go well together
I want you, need you
Not just because you’re there, ere ere ere ere

It’s summertime
And love is in the air
But it’s all unfair
Because you won’t have me

Everyday together
Everything and everyone
There’s only one thing
Left for us to do

Let’s give it a go


Let’s do it
You know it’s right
You want me too
Ooh oooh ooh ooh

Just say it
The time is always right
It’s never too late, ae, ae…

But if you don’t act fast
Someone else will come along
And then we’ll never know
If we’re meant to be

It’s just a suggestion