GeorgieDAN's Free 6 5 Music Live Songwriting Challenge Comes To AN EARLY Close

We started the Free 6 5 Music Live to challenge both our songwriting passion and creativity in original music. It forced us to be creative everyday. The challenge gave us reason to believe that at least one in every ten songs written would stand out as a strong song. Our end goal was to take the strongest songs from the 2015 challenge through to development and Music Production in 2016.

We originally set out to release a new song every weekday throughout 2015, which we religiously stuck to between January and May of 2015. In May we took a step back to assess our work and came to the decision to abandon our Free 6 5 Music Live challenge so that we could bring forward our 2016 production stage, and that's exactly what we did, we refocused our energies into producing the strongest songs within our Free 6 5 music catalogue without the distractions of writing more songs for the sake of writing.

We released 107 songs out of the 260 we originally planned to release. That's just over five hours of our music that will remain available as free downloads.

Thank you to those who supported our challenge. We hope you enjoyed our challenge as much as we did. 

Below is one of the songs we chose to produce from the Free 6 5 Music Live challenge called "Where There's An End" - Song #46