South East based professional vocal coach, singer/songwriter & musician. 

Georgie is an experienced teacher, performer and songwriter specialising in lyrics & melodies. 

"Songs these days are written by collections of company songwriters and/or top line writers & producers outsourced by labels to provide material for their artists. Meanwhile, the public are being mis-sold these high profile artists as genuine musicians/vocalists responsible for writing 100% of their own material. Gone are the days of simplicity; the Beatles, Neil Diamond and Carole King. Chart music is pitched, packaged and presented to our younger generation as the work of accomplished musicians and original songwriters. Young listeners are unaware that often they are hearing covers or resurrected trends/reinventions or that the celebrity they worship has had their vocals auto-tuned in production."
"To demystify and unveil the simplicity of what is the creative art of songwriting would be an added bonus to the project's list of endeavours."



London based Sound Engineer, Music Producer & multi-instrumentalist.

Dan owns Rodel Sound Ltd, a company that specialises in the arrangement and production of new music working closely with songwriters throughout the South East of England.  Dan is also Deputy Editor of Pro-Tools-Expert.com, a site dedicated to the community of Pro Tools users worldwide.

"Original music doesn't need to be complicated, nor does it need to be recorded and polished into a perfect product to meet the expectations of mass markets.  Songs can easily be lost in the smoke and mirrors of production.  I believe great songs start and end in the songwriting stage as this is where songs can be made engaging, emotive, translatable and from the heart simply through the uses of melody, structure, dynamics and narrative."

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